festival21 | Melbourne | A project of the Sandro Demaio Foundation

festival21 - A proud project of the Sandro Demaio Foundation

What is festival21?

A massive, grass-roots celebration of food, culture and future.

Food is universal, and personal. Food brings people together, and means something to all of us.

Yet today, the way we grow, process, eat, purchase, and waste food is causing serious harm to our health, our social system, and our planet. The food system contributes a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. The majority of the Australian population now overweight or obese. At the same time, 19 in 20 Australians don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables.

What's exciting though, is that while food represents some of our greatest challenges, it is also key to overcoming them.

festival21 is a two-day celebration of just that: the potential for food to inspire positive change.

Proudly presented by the Sandro Demaio Foundation


Our Impact


Toolkit for Change

At festival21 we truly believe that food is the most immediate way to create change in our bodies, our community, and our planet. With that in mind, we have gathered a list of small changes you can make, today. By starting here, with these small yet meaningful actions, your role in the food system will be redefined. You will be an actor, a change-maker and a powerful piece of the puzzle that is creating a more inclusive, more sustainable and healthier future through food.